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  • Heads/Tails Military Colorized Art Coin
  • Betsy Ross Colorized Gold Art Coin
  • Gutshot Gunner Poker Guard
  • Zimbabwe $100 Trillion Gold/Brass Art Bar
  • $20 Garfield 4 oz Gold/Copper Art Bar
  • Ned Kelly Colorized Gold/Brass Art Bar
  • Buffalo/Bison Gold-Brass Art Bar
  • USMC 72 Virgins Military Art Round
  • Knights Templar Horse Red/Gold Art Round

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About Us

Vintage Collections and Imports is a specialty store providing great collectibles and gift items at reasonable prices.  We offer challenge coins and bars... available in solid copper, silver and gold plated brass.  While these are not investment pieces, at times, we do offer copper, silver, and gold bullion rounds and bars for those interested in precious metals.  Each listing provides a clear description of the product.  Our return policy is quite fair with a two week no-hassle, honest return program.  Contact us for custom challenge coin designs.  We can have your own design manufactured for you.  Wholesale pricing is also available.  Contact for information.  International buyers welcomed.